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Spain and Portugal Tours

Spain and Portugal Tours

Spain and Portugal, two countries that, due to their geographical location, have historically shared many events and are very united, not only because of their kilometers of shared borders but also because of their wide and varied culture.

These two countries form the Iberian Peninsula and there are many travelers who come from different parts of the world to visit, their big cities, their impressive monuments, their unique villages and, of course, their typical Mediterranean cuisine.

The best Spain and Portugal tours

If you already know how much time you have to visit these wonderful countries, you can choose from a multitude of tours, several in number of nights and the places you visit. It all depends on your preferences.

There are tours that combine northern Spain such as Galicia , Asturias with the main capitals of Portugal , such as Porto , Braga , Fátima and Lisbon . The latter are essential cities in any of the tours that travel the Portuguese country.

Others, on the other hand, travel the region of Andalusia, tracing a route through cities such as Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga, then passing through the old border and discovering Lisbon, its surroundings, Cascais, Sintra, the Monastery of Santa Mariaor the internationally known Shrine of Fatima.

For those who have more days and want to do one of the most complete tours Spain and Portugal, you can choose those with durations of between 11, 13 or even 18 days, combining occasionally with Morocco.

Booking one of these tours is one of the best ways to get to know the essentials of each city, as we will tour the main cities, guided by expert guides who will explain every detail of its impressive monuments. In addition, they will show us their best neighborhoods, knowing the best of their culture and gastronomy, optimizing our time and even on many occasions without waiting queues to access the most visited monuments.

Reviews of Spain and Portugal Tours

El guía es súper amable los lugares son lindos, la gastronomía de Portugal recomendada. De ahí, los lugares que te quedas por libre, entonces es bueno que sepas a donde ir por tu cuenta para que disfrutes todo el viaje.
Tour recomendado. Joaquín, nuestro guía un gran ser humano. Muy buenos hoteles. Orden, puntualidad y ciudades hermosas!! Muchas gracias!!
"Great experience"
Unexpectedly, a great experience.
"Ha sido una experiencia fantástica"
La guía de la primera etapa llamada Ofelia ha sido excelente, muy organizada y con mucha experiencia. El guía de la segunda etapa llamado Andrés todo un profesional , excelente 100 %. Ambos han hecho que este viaje sea toda una experiencia muy positiva.
"Lo mejor fue la guía, Carmen"
Muy conocedora de los lugares, sus historias e importancia. Excelente persona; muy sensible y paciente con un grupo tan grande de 42 personas. Siempre sonriendo y dispuesta a ayudar. El hotel en Porto (Vila Gale) no tenía buen aspecto, alfombras viejas y/o manchadas y el aire acondicionado tenía ruidos fuertes metálicos que despertaban. Muchas personas en el bus fumaban fuera pero el olor quedaba en sus ropas y se esparcía por el bus. Tuve nauseas en varias ocasiones. Apartando esto, fue un muy buen tour con lugares interesantes y tiempo libre para disfrutar individualmente. Gracias !!!

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