Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

Excursiones a Marruecos desde Cádiz, Algeciras y Tarifa

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Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

Opiniones de Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

"This was a great experience."
Our guide was very knowledgeable, spoke 7 different languages and was so accommodating!!!
Very hospitable.
"This was a great way to see Tangier for the first time."
Our guide, Mustasa, I think that was his name, was great and make the trip more enjoyable. The ferry was great and a clean and efficient way to travel.
"I would recommend this to others."
Overall I enjoyed the experience and felt that it was good value. We were picked up in Ceuta (Spain) by our driver for the day and brought to the border of Morocco with one of our guides. We explored Tetouan and a brief visit to Tangier on day 1. On day 2, we had an amazing driver (Ahmed) who took us to Chefchaouen. Day 3 we went to Asilah before returning the hotel to wait for our transfer back to Ceuta. In the evenings, we were on our own at the hotel in Tangier. Overall the guides were knowledgeable and spoke English (and many other languages!) quite well. They had good tips on how to stay safe in Morocco. I felt that it was a little unorganized as we did not know who would be guiding us each day. I think Nattivus could have done a better job in explaining that each day we will have a different driver and a different guide. A little more information about this and the local tour company would have been useful as we were two female travellers being picked up daily by a random male driver and there were no other tourists in our group. It could have been just anybody picking us up! More information on the tipping culture in Morocco would have been useful as we were not sure how much each driver and guide expected in tips which was rather awkward. Also I would recommend trying to avoid rug stores for future travellers...a couple guides brought us into shops that sell rugs and they make you feel quite uncomfortable if you do not buy their ridiculously expensive rugs. Overall we enjoyed the experience and felt it was a good taste of Morocco. The package deal which included hotel, breakfast/dinner, one lunch, and all internal transportation was great.

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