Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

Excursiones a Marruecos desde Cádiz, Algeciras y Tarifa

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Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

Opiniones de Excursiones desde Cádiz a Marruecos

The three day full board tour in Morocco was very well organized and during our time in Morocco we were able to travel efficiently between the various destinations. It has to be said that our tour guide added so much to the experience: he was very warm, informative, and very generous with his time. He really facilitated a smooth, engaging and stress-free tour. The tour took us to three cities which were special and magical locations transporting us back centuries in time to another world. The hotel accommodation was excellent and the staff there were most welcoming, hospitable and professional. I had a thoroughly fabulous time on this tour and I would go back in an instant. It was nothing short of very good value for money.
The day trip was very well organized and moved at a quick, but nice pace. The lunch was at an authentic restaurant and a great break in the day.
"Muy bonita experiencia"
Muy buena explicación de las hierbas y aceites con sus propiedades medicinales
I enjoyed the cities we stopped in!
"Excelente organización, puntualidad y guías "

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