Whale and dolphin watching Tenerife

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Whale and Dolphin watching Tenerife

Whale watching in Tenerife

The sea and an exclusive contact with large species of cetaceans in their natural habitat, is all you need! The Atlantic Ocean is one of the places chosen by a large number of marine mammals and other species, to live together, mate and migrate. This is why, whale watching in Tenerife is one of the most sought after and spectacular activities in this area. If you're a fan of marine life, this is something you won't want to miss. Come and join us!

Venture on the Catamaran

Catamaran rides are in themselves dynamic and fun for the whole public, but if we add to this the incredible potential of Tenerife's coasts, it will become an experience of another level.

We recommend our 3-hour catamaran tour of Costa Adeje, where you will have the opportunity to see whales in Tenerife, relax under the heat of the sun and nourish your imagination with the most beautiful landscapes.

Another must-see is our catamaran tour from Puerto Colón, where you will sail for 4.30 hours in search of dolphins and whales; appreciating them very closely through the underwater windows of the catamaran, which are strategically located to contemplate the seabed with total safety and comfort. During the tour you will appreciate beautiful images of the coast and the majestic cliffs of Los Gigantes, ending with a very special stop to surprise you with the spectacular Bay of Masca, in addition to rejoicing your spirit with the perfection of this paradise, you will be able to take a well-deserved and restorative swim in its mystical waters.

We continue with fun on board

Enjoy the rhythm of the waves with our Catamaran Costa Adeje Trip, where you will have the privilege of sailing for 2 hours to get to know the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island, observe in the foreground marine specimens in total freedom, and recreate yourself with the stunning ocean landscapes that surround Tenerife, giving you a trip truly unforgettable.

If you ever dreamed of being a feared pirate... this is the chance to make your dream come true! Bring magic to your life, with our unique and entertaining pirate boat tour of Los Gigantes, this themed boat will lift its anchors to take you to the sea. During 3 hours of tour, you will enjoy the breeze and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean; you will climb your adrenaline by zip-lining from the boat to make a perfect landing in the sea, we will see whales and dolphins, and we will close the adventure, collecting the most beautiful panoramic views of the “natural wall” of Los Gigantes to the return to port.

Traveling is living, so join our Whale watching tours in Tenerife and live traveling!

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