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4x4 Routes in Asturias

Asturias Asturias is famous for its rugged terrain. And although many have tried to cover it on foot, the best way to discover its secrets is in an off-road vehicle. Our 4x4 routes through Asturias are designed to enjoy the adventure while touring some of the most spectacular places in Spain .

One of the most outstanding is the Ruta del Cares in 4x4, which culminates with a Hiking session from Cain to Poncebos, where we take care of moving you back to the starting point.

During this exciting hybrid getaway you will have the opportunity to cross the Gorge of the Beyos, to continue along the Sella Rivercourse to the province of León, just in the anteroom of the Sajambre Valley. We will reach its birth and cross the ports of Pontoon and Panderruedas to crown the famous mountain range. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, there's more.

Other 4x4 routes in Asturias

Another of the most spectacular routes is the 4x4 Picos de Europa that crosses the port of Pandetrave, an essential passage to reach to Fuente Dé and ascend to the emeritus city of Ávila. Without forgetting the Asturian village with the best views, Sotres, and then return to Cangas de Onís, starting point of an excursion with lots of crumbs.

And if you found our first proposal attractive, why not make it the other way around? Ride the Ruta del Cares back in 4x4 to discover another version of this journey impossible to cover on foot . Enjoy Chorco de lobos, a 17th century trap designed to reduce the population of wild animals. Or discover the municipality of Espinama, the first stage of the climb up to the mountain pass of Ávila knowing more about the native species of the area.

In short, it covers this idyllic scenario with guarantees and all the comfort that involves getting carried away on one of our 4x4 routes through Asturias. Escape for a weekend to contemplate mountain scenery without competition. Intercala hiking and motorized adventure through a culture anchored in time. Enjoy the insulation in the company of our experienced guides.

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