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How can I become a Nattivus affiliate?
  • At we offer you a wide selection of excursions, guided tours, activities, shows and many more travel experiences , so you can promote the one that best suits your readers. Either way, we have an offer for you, see for yourself!
  • Nattivus activities have the guaranteed minimum price , with no added hidden costs and no surprises for customers !, which makes the offer more attractive and increases the sales possibilities.
  • We offer you advantageous commissions per sale , monthly payments (without minimum commissions) and a control panel where you can see with total transparency the sales made and the accumulated commissions .
How do I register as an affiliate?
Email us at, indicating your website and we will provide you with the access data to your affiliate account. It's free!
How do I promote Nattivus activities on my website?
It's very simple, you can select any of the activities that are offered from our platform and that best suit your readers. To link from your website to any of our activities / products, you only have to add the following parameter ? Ref = XXXXX to the url of the activity you are interested in promoting (where XXXXX will be a code that we will provide you)


Nattivus URL:

Tu enlace:

Easy right?
What commissions will I receive for each sale?
  • 8% of the total of each purchase made (customizable based on sales volume).
  • If a client books several activities, all of them will be added and all of them will be counted for your commissions.
  • In addition, if the customer does not buy immediately, nothing happens, we save a cookie so that in the next 30 days, if the customer makes a reservation, you accumulate this commission .
How do I control the sales made and the commissions that I have accumulated?
We provide you with a control panel where you can monitor whenever you want, how many people have clicked on the link and how many of them have made the purchase.

In addition to what will be your amount to be charged for the reservations made.

When will I receive payment of my commissions?
We will pay your commissions between days 5 to 10 of the following month in which the reserved activity was carried out, regardless of when it was reserved.

That is, in July you will receive the payment of commissions for all activities carried out during the month of June .

We will take into account for the payment of the commissions, the date on which the reserved activity was carried out and NOT the date on which the client has reserved it.

What happens if the client cancels a reservation?
If the client cancels a reservation this sale will not be counted for the payment of commissions.
How do I contact Nattivus if I have any questions?
We are at your disposal to answer all your questions at

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