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Swim with Manatee Tour - Endangered Encounter (3 hr) - Crystal River



Enjoy the unique privilege that is exclusively ours here in Citrus County Florida by swimming with the manatees in the spring-fed King’s Bay Wildlife Refuge! Crystal River is home to the world’s largest population of endangered manatee during the winter season, and even a small population the warm months.  Having the chance to encounter these curious, gentle giants in their natural habitat is an adventure that your family will never forget! 

Embark on your journey with a Coast Guard Certified Master Captain who will be your in water chaperon, educator and photographer. Your tour will run three hours from start to finish and everything you will need is included for one price. You will begin at our full-service tour facility, where you will be educated about the animals in a classroom type setting and receive tips for your snorkel tour to make the most of your day. You will be taught the in’s and out’s of ‘passive interaction’ as this ensures that the animals enjoy the experience as much as we do! You will then be suited up and transported to the dock, where a Coast Guard certified covered pontoon will be waiting for you. This rich estuary will amaze…..birds, fish and wildlife abound! Submerge yourself in the manatee’s world! Finish your adventure by viewing your Captain’s photos back at our facility and be sure to visit our one-of-a-kind gift shop! Our well-informed staff will direct to other local attractions, restaurants and answer of your questions before you are on your way.

We guarantee that after you meet our friendly gentle-giants you will never be the same! You will never forget your adventures here in Crystal River, and chances are - we will see you again!

This encounter with our endangered manatee is done on a covered pontoon and is perfect for all levels of snorkel experience. Don’t miss the boat!

  •  3 hour tour from start to finish
  •  Masks, snorkels, and wetsuits included
  •  Bottled water included on board
  •  Photo package available at the end of your tour
  •  Pontoon boats hold up to 16 people, but the average is 8
  •  7 days a week, year round!

6:15 am   7:15 am  9:15am   10:15am   12:15 tour added in ‘manatee season’


**Remember that once the weather starts to get warm in March, manatee begin their migration away from the springs and become more elusive. It is very important in the warm seasons to have REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS about how many animals you will see, under what conditions and how long it may take to find them. The COLD weather brings them to the area to enjoy our fresh water springs, but once the Gulf temps begin to warm, the manatee become more difficult to find and tend to be located closer to food sources where the water is not always clear. Also, spring brings hundreds of people to the area hoping for a glimpse of these amazing animals…COME EARLY MORNING if you hope to avoid the crowds. We add tours later in the day as capacity demands, but conditions deteriorate as the day goes on.  If you are hoping to see dozens of manatee in clear spring water, than a springtime visit may disappoint.  If you need more details about what to expect when visiting us in spring or summer, please visit our conditions page or call us anytime! We are always honest about conditions and encourage our visitors to do their research!

*THREE SISTERS SPRINGS is managed by US Fish and Wildlife who reserves the right to close the area to swimmers at any time. During cold spells when the animals are thermoregulating in the spring area, it will be closed to avoid harassment and ensure the animals can rest. We MAY OR MAY NOT be able to access this one acre spring (part of the 600 acre refuge area) and that is something we can not predict from day to day. Only parties with an in-water guide will be allowed into both Three Sisters and King Spring during ‘Manatee Season’

What to bring

Wear your bathing suit...that way you are ready for a quick change into the wetsuit. Bring a towel, most people will bring these along on the boat. Keep season and air temps in mind. If it is cooler, it is a great idea to bring a sweatshirt, jacket or even a full set of loose fitting clothing to slip on after you get out of the water. If you have young children, this is especially important, be prepared with warm clothes....always better safe than sorry! The water here is always 72 degrees, and for some that is quite chilly! Feel free to bring a bag onboard the boat to keep your personal items, but we HIGHLY recommend not bringing anything of value on board the boat. During warmer weather most people will wear their wetsuits back to the shop and change into their clothes when they return from the trip. Bring what you feel you need, but no worries we will take care of the details!

Tour Info

It is very important to have realistic expectations when it comes to a wild animal encounter! Every trip is different and the experience is unique for each individual. In the cooler weather the animals migrate to this area and congregate here for the protection of the warm water springs; when the weather warms they can move about going wherever they want! These are wild animals and we can not control their migration. Manatee spend their lives searching for food, mates, sleeping and is hard to predict what state they will be in when we encounter them. The early mornings tend to be the best time to find the animals and best chance of seeing them near the springs where the water tends to be more clear. Remember it is very simple, cold weather = many manatee; warmer weather=lower manatee counts and more time looking for these endangered animals. Even seeing a few manatee is a phenomenal adventure!

Where do we meet?

We meet at our full service Manatee Tour and Educational facility in Crystal River. You will be checked in, and offered complimentary coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Upon tour time, we take you into a classroom type setting where we learn about the animals, the eco-system and watch a short video of rules required by the US Fish and Wildlife. This is a wildlife refuge and it is very important that we fully inform you as to what the rules are and how to behave if you hope to view a manatee up close! We will fit you for a wetsuit, direct you to our climate controlled changing rooms and gather up your group. We take care of transporting you the very short drive to the dock, where your Captain is waiting for you! After your tour, we will drive you back to River Ventures. You can help yourself to coffee and cocoa, use the restrooms and changing rooms, check out the gift shop and view the photos from your adventure!

Are the boats covered? What about bathrooms?

Our manatee boats are all fully covered with clear vinyl enclosures that can be rolled up or down depending on weather conditions. Each boat is also equipped with a flushable porta-potty inside a curtained privacy area that can be used as a changing room for those that wish to put on dry clothing for the short ride back to the dock.

How many people do you take on your boats?

Our boats are US Coast Guard Certified, inspected and stability tested for your safety and are designed to hold anywhere between 6 and 16 swimmers and/or observers. Keep in mind that we control the amount of people on our boats, but we can not control the amount of people on the water. We go on a manatee search and all the tour companies go where animals are after 9 am, especially on weekends, Holidays or during manatee season, the waterways can get very crowded with people. At 6:15 you get out while the refuge is at its quietest and the manatee are still in their most relaxed state. We know it’s early....but it tends to be the best experience for our customers so we don’t mind the wake-up call!

Do you provide us with an in-water tour guide?

Our US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain will be your in water Chaperone, tour guide and photographer! We take pride in having the best Captains in the business and they go above and beyond to ensure that your group has a safe, pleasant and educational experience. Our Captains are all Certified Eco-Tour guides through the Manatee Ecotourism Association in conjunction with USFW.....they do not only know how to drive a boat, but they are stewards for these animals and this eco-system, doing their best to stay abreast of all the latest in scientific research. Your Captain will also take photos, from the boat, underwater and all around. These photos are available at the shop after your tour....that way you do not have to worry about your own camera and it’s a great way to take these memories home with you!

Are there rules we have to follow when we Snorkel With Manatee?

Absolutely! Manatees are protected under the Endangered Species Act and it is quite a privilege that we get to have this sort of encounter! Both the State and Federal Government oversee the protection of these animals and the guidelines get stricter every year. These laws are in place to help protect the animals and they will be enforced here in the Wildlife Refuge, people can be ticketed, fined and removed from the water if behavior is deemed inappropriate or illegal. When you arrive at the shop prior to your tour we will cover all the dos and don’ts so you are fully informed before you hit the water!

How long is the boat ride to the manatee?

There is not ‘one spot’ that we go to look for manatee and there is not ‘one area’ that we visit every day, every tour. We go where we can find animals. In the winter time, that may be a short 8 to 12 minute ride to a spring. But in the warmer weather, we may have to look for much longer. In the cold weather we have many in the area and it typically does not take long to find them, but when it gets warm patience is a requirement!

How many manatee will we See?

Please remember that manatees are an endangered species and seeing even one of these majestic beasts is a great privilege. Our tours are conducted in their natural habitat and they are free to come and go as they please. No two days are ever the same, and no two tour times are the same either. Weather, tidal influences and time of the year affect the conditions daily and it can never be predicted just how many manatees you will see. During the colder months we have a large concentration, but if there is a considerable warm spell they will become difficult to find. Because this unique eco-system is a prime manatee habitat, we have a small resident population even in the summer. We never guarantee that you will find or encounter manatee and how many you see is tough for us to predict as well.

Can I ride the boat and not swim? What if I do not know how to swim?

We always welcome observers and you can often see the manatee from the boat. They sometimes come very close and give you an awesome view! We are only allowed so many passengers on the boats, so an observer does have to pay for that seat. Bring your cameras and binoculars and enjoy the surroundings of the refuge! If you are not a strong swimmer then you must use your own judgment. Are you comfortable in the water with a floatation device? Do you get anxious and upset in the water? We must remain calm and still near the animals, so ‘swimming’ is not as important as being able to relax and float!

Are there age limits?

Children must be at least 3 to go on the group tours, but younger babies are allowed on a private tour. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and very young children must understand enough to be calm and quiet in order to not scare the animals away. Children should be comfortable in the water and parents should stay close at all times for safety. We have wetsuits in all sizes and provide snorkel vests and flotation noodles if kids need a bit of assistance staying at the surface without swimming.

Are there any hidden fees? Do you have discounts?

Our tour price includes everything you need to swim with the manatee! There are no hidden fees or ‘up charges’ for wetsuits, snorkel gear, parking or other unexpected expenses. A picture CD of your tour is optional when you return to River Ventures and you can even view these photos before you decide to purchase them. Our tour price is an AWESOME DEAL for what you receive in return.....most of our customers agree on this! However, we do offer group discounts for 10 or more people. Typical group discounts are 10% savings. We also do combination discounts, meaning that if you book a morning manatee tour and an afternoon airboat we will offer you a discount. Custom packages are available for large groups, just call or email for details.

What about weather conditions?

Rarely do we ever have to cancel because of weather conditions...a little rain doesn’t stop us! Because we are on the coast, storms will often move through quite quickly and even if we delay it will not take away from your tour time. Our boats are covered to protect you and your belongings from the elements if you wish to stay dry. If we need to cancel because of inclement weather you will be offered a refund, reschedule or gift certificate.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require (5) days advance notice if you can not make your scheduled tour reservation. We pre-charge all credit cards to guarantee the seats and we do not process cash refunds for short notice cancellations. This is consistent with an airline, hotel and other swim with manatee tour companies. Our Captains are scheduled according to the number of guests we have any given day, and we appreciate your
commitment to be on time and honor your reservation. If you do need to cancel last minute, please contact as ASAP and we will offer you gift certificates with no expiration date or a chance at another tour time.

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Información adicional

Your reservation with River Ventures has been confirmed. Your tour details can be found below along with some additional information that will be helpful. Please read the following instructions and call us if you have any questions or concerns! We are looking forward to having you! Please arrive NO LATER than the time listed above, on the date of your tour. 

Remember….manatee come to this area to enjoy the springs when the weather is COLD. Once it begins to warm up in the springtime, they become very elusive and sometimes difficult to find. Please have REALISTIC expectations for your spring or summer manatee tour and if you have questions or wish to reschedule please call us right away. We are always honest about conditions and encourage our visitors to educate themselves to make informed decisions about their manatee experience.

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled tour time at:
River Ventures
498 SE Kings Bay Dr
Crystal River, FL 34429

Make sure that each person brings a towel and wears their bathing suit under their clothes, that way you are ready for a quick change into the wetsuits. When you arrive at the shop, you will be offered complimentary coffee, tea or cocoa then sit in for a short educational presentation and required video about the rules of the Wildlife Refuge. Bottled water is provided on the boat and all the gear you need is included in your tour price.

You are welcome to bring a bag onboard for your dry towels and clothes, but ANYTHING OF VALUE THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET WET should be locked in your vehicle for safe keeping. If you are coming during the winter months, we recommend a jacket, sweatshirt or a full change of loose fitting, warm clothes for the short ride back to the dock. If you have small children coming in the cooler months, they WILL GET COLD, please prepare accordingly with towels, blankets, jackets, socks, etc...

You may bring a camera, but strobe lighting, high powered flash and ‘selfie-sticks’ are not allowed on our boats. These items can disrupt other guests’ experience, can disturb the manatee and can be considered a form of harassment. If you plan to use photos for a professional purpose, than a Special Use Permit from US Fish and Wildlife is required. Our Captains and in-water guides will take photos of your trip from beginning to end, these are available for purchase back at the shop after your tour on a CD ($27.95), USB ($32.95) or instant online access ($37.95). We also have 27 exp. underwater disposable cameras available for $15.95 in our gift shop.

Our boats are Coast Guard Certified for a certain number of passengers, so your reservation should be for the EXACT NUMBER OF PEOPLE PLANNING TO RIDE THE BOAT. This number must include children and those who choose not to swim, as well. Children must be at least 3 to go on the ‘group tour boats’, WE DO NOT TAKE INFANTS ON OUR GROUP TOUR BOATS. If you are planning on bringing an infant, you must reserve a private boat.


If you are planning to stay in the Crystal River area, we highly recommend a charming guesthouse in quaint Old Homosassa just a few miles away! Our treetop lodge has a full kitchen, second story decking and comfortably sleeps 6. This overnight rental comes with complimentary kayaks and a 10% discount on any tours at our River Safaris location. Follow this link for more info on this unique option, Treetop Lodge. If a hotel is more your style, than both the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn in Crystal River are excellent options. Both are excellent, offer a complimentary breakfast and are close to our tour facility. 

The Holiday Inn Express can be reached at 352-563-1111 or Holiday Inn Express

The Hampton Inn can be reached at 352-564- 6464 or Hampton Inn



You’ll be WILD for the new taste in town!

River Ventures and Safaris is proud to announce the opening of the Wildfire Café - adding a touch of fresh to Old Homosassa! Sandwiches & Paninis, salads & smoothies, and coming soon wood fired Pizza, wings and pasta. Taking pride in using locally grown organic produce and herbs, Boar’s Head products and eco-friendly practices we provide a unique, delicious and healthy alternative! We can pack up a meal for you to take on the water, or you can join us at our waterfront location for a beer and a taste of the Nature Coast! Check us out HERE!

We require 5 days advance notice if you can not make your scheduled reservation. We pre- charge all credit cards and do not refund short-notice cancellations. Short notice cancellations receive gift certificates or can reschedule. This is consistent with an airline, car rental, hotel policy and other tour companies. We take reservations in order to guarantee your seats and we appreciate the same commitment to arrive on time and keep us aware of any changes regarding your reservation. We can not hold the boat for late arrivals.
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