Tours from Tarifa

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Tours from Tarifa

is a port town in the province of Cadiz, of great importance thanks to its commercial, fishing and passenger port. On our tour we will use it to go to places such as Tangier, Asilah or Chaefin in Moroccan territory.

Day trips to visit Tangier

You will enjoy a panoramic tour of the most modern part of the city, then in the company of our guides you will discover the historical heritage along the narrow and zigzagging streets of the medina, in which there are plenty of traditional houses and characteristic markets called “maze souks” where you will find the purest essence of Moroccans. Following the tour we will take you to Cabo Espartel located on the Atlantic coast of Africa and you will know the famous Caves of Hercules, you will taste an exquisite typical meal to recharge energy and continue on the route to Kasbah where we will meet before returning the impressive Palace of the Sultan .

With our 3-day getaways

You can visit the charming fishing village of Asilah, its medina is formed by beautiful and quiet white houses that merge with the sea breeze to fill you with peace and quiet, covered by extensive beaches and prominent cliffs that will give you postcards , you can also enjoy a great gastronomic experience with typical dishes of the area.

Following our tours from Tarifa we invite you to discover Chaouen one of the most spectacular cities in Morocco, also called “The Pearl of the North” or “The Blue City” . Its buildings have beautiful bluish colors finely cared, in its cobbled streets you will find hundreds of looms and leather goods shops, we will also discover other places such as the waterfall and its hiking route, the washing houses of Ras-el-Ma, the Kasbah and the Grand Mosque El Masjid El Aadam, without a doubt a destination that you will not be able to forget.

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