Morocco tours from Spain

The best trips to Morocco from Spain

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Morocco tours from Spain

Morocco tours from Spain

Morocco is a destination characterized mainly by the great hospitality of its inhabitants, always ready to enjoy a conversation with a delicious moruno tea. But it is also a great attraction because of the great cultural difference, since its customs and habits are very different from those of its neighboring country, Spain.

Thanks to the proximity between these two destinations it is highly recommended to take advantage of the opportunity and book some of the Morocco tours from Spain, with daily and weekly departures.

However, you will have to decide first from which city you want to make your trip to Morocco from Spain, since there are many places with departures: Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Tarifa or Algeciras.

Morocco tours from Spain: Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Tarifa and Algeciras

How many days do you want to make your tour? I'm sure we have a choice to choose from.

Excursions from Madrid

Excursions with departures from Madrid consist of several days and cover the most emblematic and beautiful destinations throughout the country. Traveling among many other Fez, Meknes, Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier. These are some of the most complete tours, as they tour the main capitals.

Excursions from Malaga

If you are in Malaga you will find a very varied offer, because you will have the option of crossing the continent for just one day, or on the contrary, traveling to Morocco for more nights discovering wonderful places in the north of the Rif.

Excursions from the ports of Tarifa and Algeciras

One of the most important ports to cross into Africa are undoubtedly those of Tarifa and Algeciras. That is why, from these locations there are many excursions taking advantage of the daily departures of ferries that connect both countries.

The main excursions are 1 day to get to know the city of Tangier, or several days to know the main cities of northern Morocco such as:

  • Asilah: Characteristic coastal village surrounded by large walls and gates in very good condition. An oasis of tranquility compared to its neighboring cities.
  • Chaefin : One of the mountain villages, located in the Rif mountain range, most visited in the area thanks to its picturesque white and white buildings preserved by its own inhabitants.
  • Tetouan : Another of the main cities in northern Morocco where you can see the medina and the busy life of Moroccans.

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