Los Gigantes boat trips and tours

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Los Gigantes boat trips and tours

One of the great attractions of Tenerife island are its important natural areas such as the Teide National Park, the Jardín de la Orotava, the famous beach of Las Teresitas and of course the imposing and spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes located in the northwest of Tenerife.

In this area, in addition to its large vertical walls formed by rocks, we can find great wealth on its seabed as well as groups of cetaceans, both dolphins and pilot whales, due among other factors, to the difficulty of access preserving its ecosystem.

That is why we can find various and very interesting boat trips and tours in Los Gigantes, whether for walks or adventure and active tourism. It is a unique place and a very good opportunity to relax in its nature.

Among the excursions in Los Gigantes we can find, we have: boat trips to see the cliffs, boat trips to see cetaceans, kayaking, jet skiing or even paddle boarding. All of them will border the coast, to admire the cliffs of Los Gigantes in greater or lesser extent.

Boat trips in Los Gigantes will guide us through these amazing formations, understanding their geological conditions and the most important historical circumstances. And if you prefer something of adventure or adrenaline you can enjoy this environment with any of the tours of Los Gigantes surfing the water on jet skis or walking in quiet kayaks.

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