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Tours from Algeciras

The port of Algeciras is the second largest and most moving port in Spain. It has a strategic location starting from there for that reason, you have a range of possibilities and tourist destinations to explore. One of the main routes that tourists take because of its proximity and ease of access from this point, is the northern part of Morocco, which awaits its visitors with its traditional essence, architecture of charm, multiculturalism and splendor, we invite you to discover this and more by adding to our fantastic excursions.

Morocco Tour from Algeciras

In just 3 days you will discover the most charming Moroccan cities, starting with the incredible town of Tetouan, which was once the capital of the “Spanish protectorate”, there you will visit its main places of interest: La Medina, La Judería, La Plaza Hassan II, The majestic Royal Palace and the rest of its famous souks. - Yeah . Afterwards you will discover the legendary city of Tangier, the current economic and administrative capital of Morocco, you will explore the modern face of the city, among them: the Place de France, the Boulevard Pasteur and the diplomatic districts. You will also learn more about its culture by walking through its historic quarter, the medina and its traditional souks.

At the top of the mountains, the blue city of Chaefinawaits you, where you will take a walk to appreciate each of its beautiful corners, exploring the Alcazaba, the Octagonal Mosque, the Uta Hammam Square, and crossing the entire medina to the Ras Al-Ma spring. For a spectacular closure you will know the picturesque coastal town of Asilah, along the way you will see the best views of the Strait of Gibraltar, you will have the opportunity to observe the famous Caves of Hercules and its impressive “Gate of Africa” in Cabo Espartel, just before returning to Spain.

Ceuta day trip from Algeciras

The beautiful city of Ceuta is located on the border with Morocco, over the years in it have come to live together four wonderful cultures: Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus. Making it a town with an incredible historical value, an example of universal coexistence and a versatile and interesting destination to discover with a very vibrant shopping area. During the tour you will know its most important sites, among them: Its Historic Center, Real Street, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza de Azcárate. You will also have free time to explore on your own the Avenida de la Marina, the beautiful Mediterranean Maritime Parkand much more. This is a truly amazing destination, with lots of beauty and potential waiting for you.

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